Ranger Infantry Company of the Korean War

Membership Requirements

Active Ranger:

Active membership shall consist of dues paying Rangers who:

a. Served honorably in a Ranger Infantry Company (Airborne) or the Ranger Training Command/Center at Ft. Benning, GA during any part of the period 29 September 1950 to 9 October 1951, or

b. Served honorably in the 8213th Army Service Unit (ASU) (Eighth Army Ranger Company), during any part of the period between 24 August 1950 through 28 March 1951.

Active Other:

The wives or other next-of-kin of deceased active members and the wives or other next-of-kin of Rangers who were killed in action or missing in action may become active members by the payment of dues. The widows of Life Members are considered to be active members for as long as they desire.


Associate membership shall consist of dues paying persons closely associated with the Ranger Infantry Companies (Airborne) of the Korean War and supportive of RICA's objectives. Associate membership may be sponsored by an individual Ranger Company, Region, the Executive Committee, or the Ranger Congress. The Executive Committee approves associate membership.


Honorary membership may be conferred upon individuals of outstanding merit by unanimous vote of the Executive Committee. Candidates for honorary membership may be proposed by any active member. During their tours of duty, The Commander and The Command Sergeant Major of the 75th Ranger Regiment and the Ranger Training Brigade and The Commanders and Sergeant Majors of the Battalions of the 75th Ranger Regiment and the Ranger Training Brigade shall be honorary members of the association.

Association Dues

Dues for active members and associate members are $18.00 annually. Life membership is $125.00, payable in in a single payment or in five consecutive monthly installments of $25.00 each.

The Association Treasurer, Ranger Henry P. May is responsible for new membership applications. You can write to his E-Mail: Henry P. May. If you are e-mail disadvantaged, you may apply by sending snail-mail to the Association National Treasurer at his Address:

Henry P. May
P.O. Box 80702
Chamblee, GA 30366-0702

770-668-9866 - Home
770-452-8840 - Office
770-452-8286 - Fax
E-Mail: hpmayinc@bellsouth.net

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